Not sure whether to repair your sash windows or replace them?  We can offer some advice.

Original sash windows are an essential element of British heritage and a distinctive feature of many period homes across the country.  The sash themselves are sliding rather than hinged and usually slide vertically, hung on cords or chains which are counterbalanced by metal weights. 

Fashionable in England from the latter part of the 17th Century, sash windows are typically synonymous with Georgian architecture.   They remained predominant for the next 200 years and were frequently retro-fitted into older buildings, in order to give them a fresh and modern look.  The earliest windows were ‘single-hung’ where usually only the lower sash moved, and were generally of oak or pine.  By the mid-18th century, ‘double-hung’ sash windows were the popular choice.  The availability of larger sheets of glass also led to the use of horns to strengthen the joints, from about 1950 onwards.  Sash boxes were also hidden behind the walls by the Victorians.  A variation called the ‘Yorkshire sash’ became popular in the 18th and early 19th century, where the sashes moved sideways and were not weight assisted.  Today there are a variety of replacement double glazed and bespoke sashes available, however we attempt to restore the original features if possible.

These beautiful and timeless features are integral to design and with a little attention, they can be restored to their former glory and enjoyed for many years to come.

Regular painting can help prevent decay and ensure your sash windows remain a prominent feature in your property.  Whereas replacement alternatives can offer a long term solution, your original sash windows are what makes your property distinct and restoration is a simple yet effective solution.

Eskier Property endeavours to restore your sash windows where possible and will only advise replacement when your sash windows are unfortunately beyond repair.  We are specialist painters and decorators and can provide you with a professional and highly skilled service, taking pride in our work and making your windows look as good as they did when your house was originally built.  From large scale commercial properties to a single window in your home, we have a team ready to help you preserve a unique part of architectural heritage.

Take a look at the below before and after pictures of our inspiring projects and see the difference for yourself!

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